Defend the Palestinian people!

For a workers revolution that crushes Israeli Zionists and U.S. imperialists!

For an Arab/Hebrew workers republic in a Socialist Federation of the Near East!

Palestinian woman defies Israeli military. Photo: Reuters.

In December 6, 2017, U.S. president Donald Trump, “recognized” Jerusalem (Al-Quds), a city claimed by Israelis and Palestinians, as capital of Israel, and ordered the transfer of his country’s embassy to said city. Immediately the United Nations Security Council (UN) and the Arab League condemned the decision of the United States government. These condemnations are hollow, being that said organizations have historically served U.S. imperialism and will have no effect on Trump’s decision. The Islamist organization Hamas pointed out that Trump’s announcement equals to a “declaration of war against Palestinians”, and called for an intifada (uprising), which was echoed by Hezbollah in Lebanon. There were several massive demonstrations around the world, and confrontations in the Palestinian cities of Jerusalem, Ramallah, Hebron, and Bethlehem, and all over the Gaza Strip, declaring “days of rage”, in order to revert Trump’s decision. Israeli police and military responded with bullets, tear-gas, and rubber bullets.

The United States hereby breaks with any false discursive neutrality regarding the conflict between the Zionists (racist religious fanatics that maintain that their god gave them said territory) that rule Israel, and the Palestinian Arab people, who have had about 70 percent of their land stolen from them since 1947, when the United Nations approved the partition of Palestine in two states, one Arab and the other Hebrew. When Israel declared its independence in 1948, with the full support of U.S. imperialism and that of their allies, starts an unequal war that has as goal a “final solution”, a genocide, the killing of the Arabs that are not willing to leave the Palestinian territory claimed by the Zionists.

While Trump lies declaring “Jerusalem is the heart of one of the most successful democracies in the world, a place where Jews, Muslims, and Christians can live according to their beliefs” (El País), in reality there is a police-state in which any demonstration, especially against the war towards Palestinians, conducted by Hebrews or Arabs, are violently repressed by fascist-Zionist bands, with the support of the Israeli state. In reality the criminal Zionist government act as “democratically” against the Palestinian-Arabs as the Nazis did against the Jews of the Warsaw ghetto.

Palestinian child confronts Israeli tank. Photo: Electronic Intifada.

Today more than three million Palestinian-Arabs live in the West Bank and more than two million live in the Gaza strip, completely surrounded by walls and militarized highways, in true concentration camps, suffering constant abuses, such as the kidnapping and confinement of children, and women, who are many times raped, and jailed without charges, daily threatened, and in danger of being bombarded by planes provided by the U.S. government when Zionists see fit.

There have been more than 50 thousand Palestinian-Arabs killed since 1947. Some recent examples are operations “Days of Penitence” in September 2004, killing 107 Palestinians, “Summer Rains” in 2006, killing 165 Palestinian civilians, “Operation Hot Winter”, in 2008, killing 120, “Operation Cast Lead” in December of 2008, killing 1,300 and wounding 5,000, “Operation Pillar of Defense” in 2012, killing 175 Palestinians, “Operation Protective Edge” in 2014, killing 2,310 Palestinians and seriously wounding 11,500, displacing tens of thousands who lost their homes with the bombings, and the list goes on. Said bombings where directed towards department buildings, houses, hospitals, schools, energy and water treatment plants, and against the entire Palestinian infrastructure, in order to terrorize the Palestinian population and make it impossible to live there.

Every day the Palestinians suffer humiliations, surviving under a criminal economic blockade.  Their harvests destroyed, their homes burned to the ground, with nightly military incursions to their homes, threatening, harassing, robbing their belongings, and many times arresting them. At the same time civilian right-wing religious fanatics advance, armed with machine guns, colonizing with their families the few lands that hadn’t been stolen from the Palestinians, and with them advance the Israeli military forces, with the pretext of protecting their citizens, formalizing the constant robbery of land. These religious fanatics are a valid target in this perpetual war. This is why the Workers’ Communist Group calls for their immediate expulsion. Drive Zionist occupiers from Palestine!

Israeli occupation forces repressing Palestinians. Photo: HispanTV.

Until June 2017 there were 318 incarcerated Palestinian children. A paradigmatic case was the arrest of 16 year old Ahed Tamimi, in December 19, 2017. She was apprehended with her mother and cousin after slapping Israeli soldiers who entered her house, a few minutes after shooting her 15 year old cousin Muhammed in the head. The Tamimi family has been a symbol of struggle for their courageous fight against the Zionist occupation, this why Ahed was sent to a military prison, and later sentenced to a 2 year prison term. Israeli minister of education Naftali Bennett, known for his calls to “kill all Palestinians that retaliate against Israeli soldiers and settlers” (Haaretz), has been advocating for a life sentence. Zionist journalist Ben Caspit insinuated that she should be “raped, without any witnesses or cameras”. The Workers’ Communist Group demands freedom for all Palestinian prisoners, victims of Zionism. Freedom to Ahed Tamimi! The war against Palestinian Arabs hasn’t diminished in any way, nor against the Tamimi family. Ahed’s cousin, 17 year old Musaab Firas Tamimi, was killed by Israeli soldiers on January 3, 2018, being the first Palestinian victim of this year (

To defend the Palestinian people against genocide there needs to be an international workers mobilization, stopping the circulation of goods from Israel and towards Israel. It is of crucial importance that the working class of imperialist countries, primarily of the United States, mobilize in solidarity with the Palestinians, being that the rulers of said countries are the ones that maintain the genocidal Zionists in power. The U.S. government considers Israel to be an indispensable ally for their geopolitical and economic goals. This is why they have given them full support since their foundation. But said support does not only come from Trump’s government, the present day ruler of U.S. imperialism in its death agony, unmasked, criminal, arrogant, cynical, decrepit and grotesque. It was the hypocrite Obama, who as president of the United States, in September 2016, agreed with war criminal and Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, to provide them with a 38 billion dollar aid package for the next ten years (The New York Times). The insane state of Israel has hundreds of nuclear weapons, which are a threat to all of humanity.

Both Hebrews and Palestinian Arabs have a right to live, and a democratic right to self-determination, but it is true that there cannot be a solution of the conflict between two interpenetrated peoples who claim the same territory within capitalism. This is why the Workers’ Communist Group rejects the “two-state solution”, one Hebrew and one Arab, due to the limited resources of this arid region. The Hebrew state would prevail and continue crushing the Palestinians. It is necessary that workers from both nations join together in a common front against capitalism and their agents. It is urgent to forge an Arab-Hebrew, and internationalist, revolutionary workers party that struggles for socialist world revolution, so that through a collectivized planned economy, resources are evenly distributed among them. As Karl Liebknecht stated, “the main enemy is at home”, hence the workers revolution should crush the Zionist and Arab capitalists that exploit workers of both nations, and the religious zealots who oppress, and poison them with their bigotry, spreading to neighboring capitalist nations with a numerous working class, such as Egypt, Turkey, Jordan, and to the entire Middle-East, until it reaches the imperialist countries. For a socialist federation of the Middle-East! For socialist world revolution!


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